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See Mastodon's Brann Dailor Talk Love of Clowns, Dance in Creepy Mask

Drummer gives backstage tour, shows off custom drum kit, gushes about Primus tour

In the latest edition of Mastodon's "Emperor of Sand Tour Recap" video series, drummer and vocalist Brann Dailor takes viewers on a little tour backstage where he shows off his gorgeous, custom-painted drum kit (one of two he's commissioned) and performs a fun dance in a clown mask after expounding upon his love for clowns. 

"I have a clown room at my house," deadpans the famously hilarious Dailor, "I don't want it to be 'hoarder' clown room ... I still want to keep the clown room classy." He shares a bit more about his decor of choice, noting he likes to keep it "high brow/low brow. That's where I like to be." The collection of velvet paintings and "funky" art at Dailor's home keeps him "happy and inspired to be alive." 

The drummer then shows off his intricately painted kit featuring imagery commissioned from the artist Dirty Donny, who Dailor was turned onto when he spotted one of Robert Trujillo's decorated basses on a tour while with Metallica. Blacklight-sensitive and featuring various heavy-metal iconography like Medusa, skulls and a prominent grim reaper on the smaller rack tom, the kit is Dailor's second with the artist and made its stage debut on Mastodon's tour with Primus. 

As it turns out, that run with Primus was very significant to Dailor, who recalls hearing Les Claypool's band for the first time in the late Eighties or early Nineties. "All these years later to get the opportunity to tour with them, it was like, 'Yeah, of course! That's gonna be awesome, can't wait to watch Primus every night,'" he enthuses with a look of genuine joy and surprise. The video ends on the drummer's recollections from touring and meeting people for 20 years, and the special bond they formed with Primus on the extensive run of dates.

Below, see Brann Dailor demonstrate his "intense" workout regimen: