See Mayhem Engage in Dark Ritual in Band's First-Ever Music Video "Falsified and Hated" | Revolver

See Mayhem Engage in Dark Ritual in Band's First-Ever Music Video "Falsified and Hated"

Torchbearers of black metal's second wave summon evil

Mayhem's sixth album Daemon arrives in physical formats tomorrow, November 8th, and to celebrate, the black-metal stalwarts have released an unholy new music video for "Falsified and Hated." The clip sees the band participating in a ritualistic sacrifice involving voodoo dolls, a freshly collected heart and a demonic summoning circle to complete the evil task at hand. 

Drained of most color outside of black, white and deep blood red, the video focuses on the dark magic of a hooded figure as the group cycle through a complex spell to inhabit the body of an unsuspecting subject with some sort of blasphemous spirit.

"This is the first official music video we have released, so indeed some thought went into this," Mayhem guitarist Teloch commented. "Instead of having us filmed at some dodgy location with instruments not even plugged in, we did something different, in the true tradition of the band."

Director Johan Bååth, who has worked with Watain and Lucifer, was brought on board to give his signature horrific flair to the bit. "When I was asked to do the very first Mayhem music video, I thought I really had to do something more than just a plain black-metal video," he recalled. "I wanted to take it one step further and do something different but stay true to the genre and, of course, Mayhem's iconic legacy as a band."

The director collaborated with artist Ziggy Jonas Rasmusson on the clip. Bååth explained, "Together we came up with this idea of a ritualistic painted pentagon-shaped room, completely surrounded by five painted walls, facing a centered pentagram-painting with Ziggy's 'hex-text' signs and symbols all over, each of the five point corners symbolizing human expiration." 

Mayhem are currently in the midst of a European tour, but were also just confirmed to play early 2020's Decibel Magazine Tour. See a list of dates for that run at here.