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See Megadeth Go Skydiving on 'Headbangers Ball' in 1991

"Nothing compares to this — not sex, not drugs, nothing"

The heyday of MTV's Headbangers Ball was a time when a network TV show could travel out to the middle of the desert with metal stars, film them skydive and then interview them in a barren wasteland. That's exactly what happened during one episode of the metal-themed show in 1991, when the crew jumped out of a plane with Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine and then caught up with him after he did summersaults while free-falling through the air. 

The clip begins with Mustaine, decked out in his skydiving gear, warning the kids watching "don't try this at home," and then cutting to him standing in front of the open plane door where he exclaims, "Time to wake up dead on M-T-V," counting down each syllable of the channel as he leaps out into the blue sky. The camera crew was able to free-fall right alongside him, filming him twisting and doing stunts in the air before sticking a smooth landing.

"Nothing compares to this," Mustaine said once he took his parachute off. "Not sex, not drugs, nothing." Watch it all go down above via YouTube.