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See Metallica Get Funky With Inventive Corrosion of Conformity/DAG Mash-Up

Thrashers celebrated North Carolina artists by merging C.O.C's "Albatross" with DAG's "Lovely Jane" at Raleigh gig

Metallica have made a tradition out of Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett having a mid-set breakdown where the two learn a couple of songs from the town in which they're playing that evening, and last night's show in Raleigh, North Carolina was no exception.

After a quick introduction from James Hetfield, Trujillo takes the mic and tells the crowd, "So there's really two kick-ass bands here in Raleigh that are my favorite – Kirk loves them, too. So we decided on a little bit of a mas-hup. Let's give 'em a little bit of DAG, and a little bit of COC!" The two launch into DAG's 1995 funk rock hit "Lovely Jane" as a twosome, then about halfway through they start circling the stage and bust into Corrosion of Conformity's 1994 track "Albatross." 


While the duet portion of the show usually gives Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich a break, the two couldn't help but run out on stage and join in on the jam. The four work the stage for the short duration of the song, then all high-five and run off for a break looking like a gang of pals who just played an impromptu set down at the local bar rather than the biggest metal band in the world playing an arena show for several thousand fans. 

The extensive WorldWired Tour rolls on tomorrow in Cincinnati, Ohio and continues throughout the Midwest and South over the next few dates. Check out the full list of cities they hit next here. See the one-off covers from different angles filmed at last night's show below.