See METALLICA, OZZY, IRON MAIDEN tease rumored PowerTrip festival in new video | Revolver

See METALLICA, OZZY, IRON MAIDEN tease rumored PowerTrip festival in new video

A major reveal is coming later this week
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Metallica, Ozzy OsbourneIron Maiden, TOOL and AC/DC are teasing what appears to be a new music festival called PowerTrip. Yes, spelled just like the crossover thrash band Power Trip, but with no space between the two words. 'Tallica shared a short teaser video on their social media that shows the construction of a rock-themed event flier, adding, "Are you ready for a PowerTrip?" in the caption. Ozzy, Iron Maiden, TOOL and AC/DC shared near-identical videos on their pages, except with their own logos swapped in for Metallica's.

The posts direct fans to a new social media account for PowerTrip, which has a website teasing a big reveal for this Thursday March 30th. In the Twitter account for PowerTrip live, there's a header photo that reads "Goldenvoice presents in California," providing another clue that this is some kind of major music festival. Goldenvoice is the production company that puts on huge fests like Coachella, Stagecoach, Just Like Heaven and more.

In addition to all of those band posts, the famed L.A. radio station KROQ shared their own teaser of the event, urging fans to "get ready for a massive wall of sound," and revealing that "all will be revealed" March 30th at 10 a.m. EST.

Based on the tiny bit of info that's been revealed so far, this is already shaping up to be one of the biggest metal events in recent U.S. history. Also, if Ozzy really is involved — as in performing, at what appears to be a giant metal festival — then that would mark his first full concert performance since 2018, and the first since he announced his retirement from touring earlier this year and canceled all upcoming live shows to focus on his health recovery.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We won't officially know what PowerTrip will really entails until later this week. But whatever it is, we're already intrigued. See the array of social media teasers below.