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See Metallica, Slayer, Korn, System, More Wish Machine Head Happy 30 Years

Groove-metal titans also get shout-outs from Anthrax, Lamb of God, Halestorm, Testament, others

Machine Head are celebrating 30 years of being a band this month, and figures from all throughout the metal community have contributed to a star-studded video montage of special shout-outs and words of encouragement. 

According to the video's description, Robb Flynn decided to form the would-be groove-metal titans after seeing Metallica play the "Black Album" from front to back on October 12th 1991. At the time, Flynn was involved in a couple other Bay Area thrash bands and his vision for Machine Head was simply a fun side-project — a trajectory that didn't last long. Now, three decades have passed and the Oakland crew have remained one of the most well-known institutions in American metal. 

To celebrate this noteworthy milestone, members of Metallica, Slayer, System of a Down, Korn, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Testament, Halestorm, Hatebreed and many others sent in videos of themselves congratulating Flynn and the band on making it to their dirty thirty. Everyone in the video is visibly stoked for Machine Head and impressed by what they've accomplished thus far, and you can watch the whole thing above via YouTube.

"Thank you so much to the friends, tour-mates, and brothers and sisters in metal, that contributed to this, we are beyond grateful, genuinely humbled, and honored by your words," Flynn commented in response to the warm words. "To all the band members past and present who contributed riffs, ideas, melodies and lyrics, thank you for everything you brought and bring to the table."

He continued, "To Tony Costanza, who I wish was here to celebrate this moment with us, rest in power. Massive respect to the Head Cases that have fought side-by side with us, stood with us through thick and thin, and believed for 30 years!! We love you crazy motherfuckers!"