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See Metallica's Hammett and Trujillo Cover Rammstein's "Engel" in Pro Video

Duo "doodle" on German industrial titans' 1997 in Berlin

Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett's "doodles" took Berlin, Germany, by storm recently when the pair delivered an enthusiastic cover of the town's biggest metal export, Rammstein, and the band's 1997 single "Engel." Now, Metallica have offered up official, professionally shot video of the performance.

Performing in the rain, the duo stepped up to give James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich a break. Trujilo intro'd the rendition with a teasing question: "Can you whistle?" In the clip, he then breaks into a rudimentary, slowed-down version of the industrial-metal classic's iconic opening riff and, next, does his best Till Lindemann growl to the delight of the arena-filling crowd who join in for the chorus.

While Hammett and Trujillo's improvised doodles tend to be roughly delivered at best, the bassist and guitarist give it their all here, as always, and Hammett even manages to shake out a solid solo around the 3:30 mark before joining his partner in crime for the closing riff. The nearly 75,000 capacity venue seems thoroughly impressed, setting the stage for the pair to be rejoined by Hetfield and Ulrich to finish out their 18-song set in the city's Olympiastadion stadium. For more action from Germany, check out the band's highlighted Instagram story titled "Berlin" to see footage of Metallica's drummer wandering the town a day in advance to marvel at its incredible size and construction, as well as meet with a few fans before the show.