See Midwest Hardcore Crew Purgatory Rage Against Urban Decay in Grim New Video | Revolver

See Midwest Hardcore Crew Purgatory Rage Against Urban Decay in Grim New Video

"Forced Failure" appears on band's latest album 'Cold Side of Reality'

Purgatory have linked up with Revolver to premiere a new visual for "Forced Failure," a highlight from the hardcore upstarts' sophomore record Cold Side of Reality. For those unfamiliar with the Midwestern rabble-rousers, consider the Crucible Media–helmed clip a rude, roiling introduction — four guys sulking about the urban ruins they grew up in, liable to rage at any moment. (And rage they do, atop concrete piles, and against backdrops of shadows and flames.)

The grim scenes of drug use and suicide, too, offer reflection of Purgatory's upbringing; after all, the Midwest is one of the most crime-ridden, addiction-plagued areas in the country. But thanks to the power of hardcore, Purgatory managed to escape this hell. You can't change your roots, but you can grow past them. "Basically, you can be a product of your surroundings and upbringing, or you can find your own way," the band say of the clip and its steadfast message.

Purgatory's Cold Side of Reality is available now via Unbeaten Records. The band's tour behind the release kicks off this week, with North American dates scheduled through mid July; Check them out below.

Purgatory tour dates:

Jul. 07 — Atlanta, GA — Drunken Unicorn !
Jul. 08 — Greensboro, NC — NY Pizza !
Jul. 09 — Virginia Beach, VA — Shakas Live !
Jul. 10 — Towson, MD — The Raven Inn !
Jul. 12 — Long Island, NY  — Shaker's Pub
Jul. 13 — Kent, OH — The Outpost #
Jul. 14 — Detroit, MI — The Sanctuary (Motor City Fest)
Jul. 15 — Johnson City, NY — Avenue DIY #
Jul. 17 — Charleston, SC — The Purple Buffalo $

! w/ Watchdogs, Evade
# w/ All Out War, Sworn Enemy, Dissent
$ w/ Watchdogs