See Mike Patton, S.O.D. Members Perform "Speak Spanish or Die" in Quarantine | Revolver

See Mike Patton, S.O.D. Members Perform "Speak Spanish or Die" in Quarantine

Patton stars as "The Lonely Rager"

When Mr. Bungle re-formed onstage in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City in February, joined by drummer extraordinaire Dave Lombardo and Anthrax riff-master Scott Ian, the avant-metal weirdos played an array of covers during their sold-out shows. A standout among those was their ripping take on Stormtroopers of Death's satirical crossover classic "Speak English or Die," the lyrics of which Bungle switched up to "Speak Spanish or Die."

So when S.O.D. members Ian, bassist Dan Lilker and drummer Charlie BenanteĀ (also of Anthrax) teamed up from their respective social-distancing bunkers for a quarantine take on said song, who else could they enlist to handle vocals other than Mr. Bungle's own Mike Patton? Patton, being Patton, couldn't just appear as himself, however, and instead partakes in the all-star rendition as "The Lonely Rager," complete with cowboy hat and bandana mask. Watch the awesome performance video, posted to Benante's YouTube channel, above.

As the band revealed to us in March, Mr. Bungle not only played reunion shows earlier this year, but they also hit the studio to re-record their first demo, 1986's The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny, along with the covers played at the concerts plus three previously un-recorded songs from the group's earliest days. The forthcoming new album is due via Ipecac Recordings this fall.