Worms, Buzzed Heads, Twisted Nurses: See Mike's Dead's Wild New "Revenge" Video | Revolver

Worms, Buzzed Heads, Twisted Nurses: See Mike's Dead's Wild New "Revenge" Video

Featuring NYC trap-metal artist Cameron Azi

Earlier this month, Mike's Dead dropped his long-awaited Revenge EP, featuring Slave Dog, Cameron Azi and New Years Day's Ash Costello. The release showcases the L.A. singer, rapper and producer's genre-busting sound, which mashes up metallic influences from heavy hitters like Korn and Rammstein with elements of modern trap and electronic music — an approach that has earned him over 15 million independent streams since the project's 2018 launch.

Today (September 29th), Mike's Dead has teamed with Revolver to premiere the music video for the EP's title cut. New York trap-metal artist Cameron Azi, who appears on the track, also guest-stars in the clip — as does a sadistic nurse who shaves Mike's Dead's head, torments him with squirming worms and suffocates him with cling wrap around his head. Watch above.

"This song meant a lot to me so I wanted to give it the video it truly deserved," Mike's Dead tells us. "We shaved my head, put worms on my face, even Saran wrapped my head until I couldn't breathe. We just got weird. I wanted to push the boundaries more than ever and really show the fans the dedication I have to my craft. We stepped up the gear, the treatment, even stepped up the overall editing process. My team and I personally went on a 10-hour editing binge that lasted until 5:30 in the morning to finish this one up. I wanted this EP to serve as a benchmark for my music, and felt like it deserved a benchmark level video as well."