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See Misfits Chow Down on Blood and Guts in 1983 "Braineaters" Music Video

Only official Misfits video filmed during Glenn Danzig's original run

In 1983, fresh off the release of their debut album, Walk Among Us, the year before, the Misfits were in Boston to play a show at local venue The Channel. They took the opportunity to take over the Peter Faneuil Room, a third-floor private dining area, of Boston restaurant Durgin-Park to film a video for the LP's closing cut, "Braineaters." In an apparent effort to bring the song's title to gory life, the Jersey horror-punk pioneers decided to fill the song's 57-second runtime with footage of themselves consuming a disgusting meal of fake innards.

Misfits drummer Robo appears as a chef in the video, serving the slop of crimson entrails to singer Glenn Danzig, bassist Jerry Only, his brother and guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and their motley crew of fellow miscreants, apparently made up of notables from the early-Eighties Boston punk scene. The brief, bloody clip would prove to be the only official music video filmed during Danzig's original stint as the Misfits' frontman — though, shockingly, it never aired on TV at the time. Watch this remarkable relic of a golden (and static) age above.