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See Mr. Bungle Play Wild, Violent 1992 Show in Gimp Mask and More

Things went off (even more) off the rails at March gig in Toronto

Less than a year after the release of their head-spinning self-titled debut LP (on August 13th, 1991), Mr. Bungle found themselves playing The Phoenix Theater in Toronto, Canada. The art-metal miscreants, led by the one and only Mike Patton — who had joined Faith No More just three years before — were already known for their unhinged live performances, as were Patton's more famous new band. But this March 1992 gig saw Bungle in particularly ferocious form.

Opening with Godflesh's "Locust Furnace," the band launched into a frenetic, confrontational 14-song set, Patton in a gimp mask the entire time. Around 48 minutes in, the group slowed things down by breaking out their cover of Alan Parson's 1981 sort-rock classic "Time." The song may have brought a mellower vibe to the proceedings, but it was here that the proverbial shit really hit the fan as an audience member yanked Patton into the crowd and he retaliated by loudly hitting a concertgoer on the head with his mic. In video of the show, the Mr. Bungle frontman then appears to regret the action and comes to the front of the stage to console said fan, patting him on the head and bringing him a towel — all while stilling singing, of course. The show must go on, after all.

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