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See Music Teacher Use Slipknot Song to Teach Kids Time Signatures

"Wait and Bleed" makes for a great lesson in music meter
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You heard it here first: Slipknot are educational. The Iowa nu-metal maniacs recently became part of a class's curriculum when an elementary school music teacher used their song "Wait and Bleed" to teach her fifth graders about time signatures. Risha Allen, who maintains a popular TikTok account under the name rishdishfish, posted a video of herself engaging with a quieter member of the class who said he listens to heavy metal. 

"I'm a little nervous here [because] I want to relate to him," Allen wrote in one of the video's captions. "He hadn't really engaged with me or liked music class up until this point, so I felt like relating to and respecting his music (very personal) would help me connect with him."

Once the boy said he likes the Slipknot song "Wait and Bleed" from their 1999 self-titled album, Ms. Allen's eyes lit up and she started banging out the song on her bongo while doing her best to sing along. Many kids in the class seemed surprised that their teacher knew a raging heavy metal song, and they got a great lesson in meter that also validated the music taste of the shy metalhead. A win-win all around.

Check out the full video below and be jealous that these kids get to jam Slipknot in music class while you grew up hearing "Frère Jacques."