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See new PUSCIFER music video created by A PERFECT CIRCLE's Billy Howerdel

Second in video series for "A Singularity (Re-imagined by Carina Round)"

Earlier this month, Puscifer — the theatrical art-rock troupe helmed by Maynard James Keenan — a new music video for "A Singularity (Re-Imagined by Carina Round)" that was shot and edited by Keenan, and serves as a memoriam to the singer's beloved Yorkie, MiHo, who passed in 2021. As it turns out, the heartfelt clip is just the first of six videos for Round's remix, which is featured on Puscifer's upcoming Existential Reckoning: Re-Wired album.

Today (January 20th), Puscifer offered up the second of these clips, this one created by Keenan's A Perfect Circle bandmate Billy Howerdel. "In making this music video, it was easy to get pulled into the landscape of this track," Howerdel commented of the clip. "It screams of stillness, beauty and discourse. I barely made it back to earth." Watch above.

The additional videos for "A Singularity (Re-Imagined by Carina Round)" include offerings by video director Odin Wadleigh, actor Yul Vásquez, visual artist Alisa Akay and Keenan's daughter, Lei Li.

"Upon hearing Carina's rewire of 'A Singularity,' many of our extended family were moved and wanted to submit their own version of an accompanying video/film," Keenan explained. "I couldn't decide which to use, so screw it. We'll be releasing them one at a time over the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did."

Existential Reckoning: Re-Wired is due out on March 31th via Puscifer Entertainment/Alchemy Recordings/BMG. In addition to Round's contribution, the album includes remixes by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, TOOL's Justin Chancellor and Queens of the Stone Age's Troy Van Leeuwen, among others. It's available for pre-order in an array of collectible formats including a Revolver-exclusive "clear with black smoke" vinyl variant limited to 500 copies. Order yours now.