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See NYC Doom Punks Opulence Get "Cursed" in Creepy New Music Video

Paranormal exploration, failed reality television and evil occult rituals abound

The new music video, for the song "Cursed," from NYC doom-punk outfit Opulence revolves around a clever horror-movie conceit. "This video is cut with real footage from a failed reality TV pilot starring our singer Adam," explains guitarist Sean Pierce, who directed the clip. "These are not actors and he is truly being 'cursed' by real practitioners of these dark arts. It's just another day in the life for our singer, but it makes for fitting visuals to this malevolent song! We are beyond excited that the footage still exists and we get to share it with the help of Revolver!"

The ensuing chaos portrayed in the clip makes for a wild and spooky ride, with a vintage analog effects layered over everything and a Hammer horror vibe evoked by the rich red and black tones as the video cuts between eerie occult rituals and rowdy live performance. All the while, "Cursed" soundtracks the action perfectly with its mix of metal-punk riffing and crowd-pleasing chants.

The song comes off Opulence's upcoming full-length Black Magic, set for a November 15th release via Blacklight Media Records in conjunction with Station House Recordings. The group will hold an album release show at NYC venue Sunnyvale on November 22nd to celebrate, with a second set for December 29th at Brooklyn's Kingsland Theater.