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See NYC Punks Hank Wood and the Hammerheads' Fun Animated "You Wanna Die" Video

Mischievous stop-motion clip accompanies self-titled new album

Some of the greatest bands are like shooting stars. The ones that matter the most rarely find the audience they deserve or implode after a short flurry of memorable yet highly volatile releases. Over the past 10 or so years, the NYC punk scene has spiked upward, creating a wave of memorable bands with names like Perdition and Crazy Spirit that have come and gone, after which a second and third wave of groups have emerged. One of the only bands to somehow make it through all of those waves, remain creatively intact and positively incendiary on the live stage is Hank Wood and the Hammerheads.

hankwood_angelaowens-6179.jpg, Angela Owens
photograph by Angela Owens

Featuring current and past members of Cheena, Crazy Spirit, Barbed Wire, Murderer and more, the five-piece practice in a melodic approach that's less Discharge and closer to a speed-demon version of the Mummies with slide guitar, hitting that sweet spot of catchy melodicism, punk rage and attention-grabbing uniqueness that so many fail to achieve. With its latest LP, the self-titled effort out today via Toxic State, the band has elevated itself from scene favorite to legit one to watch. Stream the album below.

The release of the latest Hammerheads LP comes with a new video: the stop-motion clip for "You Wanna Die." Directed by Somer, it's a playful and mischievous video introduction to those who have yet to witness the fun and fury associated with a Hammerheads set. Check it out above, and if you're in NYC tonight (March 9th) catch them at Brooklyn Bazaar as part of their Record Release party with Mommy and Mati (you can get tickets here).