Fear the Reaper: See OKKULTIST's ferocious new "Death to Your Breed" video | Revolver

Fear the Reaper: See OKKULTIST's ferocious new "Death to Your Breed" video

Blackened death metal from Lisbon, Portugal

Back in 2019, Revolver heralded the arrival of Okkultist's debut album, Reinventing Evil, by premiering the bloody, demonic video for their single "Sign of the Reaper." Today (February 17th), we're doing the same for the Portuguese blackened death-metal group's follow-up LP, O.M.E.N., with the unveiling of the cinematic visual for standout cut "Death to Your Breed." Watch above.

The song is an absolute ripper, inspired by the horror of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the video matches its brute force by intercutting narrative footage portraying a man literally at the end of the Grim Reaper's rope with smoke-enshrouded performance clips capturing vocalist-lyricist-bandleader Beatriz Mariano and her cohorts throwing down.

"When we were writing O.M.E.N., we locked 'Death to Your Breed' in February [2022], which was when the war between Russia and Ukraine spiked," Mariano tells us. "Although all my lyrics with Okkultist are related to Satanism and spirituality, I couldn't help but to feel anger in this period of time, thinking of all our friends who had to leave their homes and families behind, who were forced to fight a war that was not theirs to bare.

"This song is fueled by the hypocrisy of this type of people: Regardless of being in power or not, it's about how they take advantage of others for their own profit, it's about the ones who manipulate those of kind nature, and who weaponize their own fears against them. This song is about standing up to our own fears face to face, and tell them to piss off. We are ruled by none. We obey to none. We belong to none.

"All people should be equally as free."

O.M.E.N. is streaming on all major digital music platforms now, and available for pre-order on CD and vinyl via Alma Mater Records, the record label founded by Moonspell singer Fernando Riberio.