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See One-Woman Black-Metal Outfit Vesperith's Bewitching New "Quintessence" Video

For fans of Chelsea Wolfe, Myrkur, Wolves in the Throne Room

In her stunning new video "Quintessence," Finnish experimental black-metal artist Vesperith (née Sariina Tani) channels the power of the unknown realm beyond death to create a 10-minute-plus journey full of magic, darkness and big questions. The song's gorgeous passages, sung quietly amid a flurry of atmospherics, feel almost subconscious in their wistfulness, only to explode into belted, grinding roars that maintain a soothing appeal despite their harsh delivery. 

"This song is the crux of the album," she explains of "Quintessence," taken from her imminent eponymous debut LP. "It is about accepting death and sacrificing yourself at the altar of deeper knowledge and integration to the cosmic whole." Scenes of ritual drive home this idea, from a hooded figure cooking up a mysterious potion amid smoke and candles, to the otherworldly space unlocked once it's drunk. 

Tani continues, "This song dives into the abyss, into the unknown and only then at the point of complete surrender, something new, beautiful and blazing is able to rise from within." 

Vesperith was co-produced by Oranssi Pazuzu's Jun-His, also known for his striking, adventurous works with that Finnish psychedelic black-metal band, as well as the Waste of Space Orchestra collaboration with Dark Buddha Rising. While his input was helpful, the project remains wholly Tani's creation, a vessel for her to "traverse to the darker inner regions of the soul and through that alchemical trial of fire becoming whole again," in her words. 

Vesperith is due out tomorrow, November 22nd, via Svart Records. You can grab a copy at this location.