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See Ozzy's Adorable Granddaughters Sing Along, Dance to "Crazy Train"

Singer's son Jack shares clip of his three young daughters rocking out to "Papa's" hit

In a so-cute-it-hurts moment on a yesterday's episode (March 13th) of The Talk, Sharon Osbourne shared a short clip of her three young granddaughters rocking out along to their "Papa's" 1980 classic track "Crazy Train." The far-beyond-adorable video was originally posted to the Jack Osbourne's Instagram earlier this week and garnered over 20,000 likes.

Opening with six-year-old Pearl Clementine singing along and getting her little groove on, the clip then sees her sisters Andy Rose, 3, and Minnie Theodora, 13 months, quickly entering the scene with their own dance moves. Andy Rose is especially into the music, though Pearl Clementine chides her quietly a couple of times for interrupting the performance. Hanging out calmly in the background is the youngest girl, bopping along a bit and making infant noises while her big sisters put on a show.

Beaming with grandmotherly pride, Sharon commented, "They did that to make their Papa feel better" and the crowd erupts in a chorus of "awww"s. The show's host and creator Sarah Gilbert notes, "No question those are Osbournes." 

Watch the original clip below and prepare to be charmed by these tiny cuties. 

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! These girls are hilarious. #crazytrain #papa

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