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See Philip Anselmo Get "High as F#ck" on Chilean 'Waka Weed TV' Show

"Creating music with pot is the way to go"

Guess what? The dude who roared the line, "Your trust is in whisky, weed and Slayer," sang a stoner-metal anthem called "Bury Me in Smoke," and fronted a band called Superjoint Ritual, likes marijuana. A lot. Last year, Philip Anselmo — of Pantera, Down, Superjoint, et al. — and his solo band, the Illegals, appeared as guests on Santiago, Chile's "Waka Weed TV" show. The episode just hit YouTube, and it sees the heralded metal vocalist singing the praises of the sweet leaf — and inhaling a whole lot of it, too.

"Creating music with pot is the way to go, and I've always known that, since I was a kid," he says. "Even listening to music. When I was younger, you could blare something on the stereo in front of me, but until I smoked weed, that's when I locked down and listened. That's when I would be, like, 'Oh, wow! I feel the power of this.'"

Anselmo goes on to hail marijuana's pain-relief properties, as well. "I deal with back pain every fucking day," he explains, "so, for me, right now, going the all-natural route — it's all [as] natural as I possibly can for the last, I guess, a year and a half solid, really dedicated to it. I quit drinking — what? — three years ago or something like that, almost four now. So, yeah, the weed is important — it's important ... Especially when you're writing music, doing music, creating music for me — I love the pot, because it does help me focus.

"Imagine each project that I have — each band has its own sound," he continues. "They all sound unique. That way I can focus on the style of the band. And I take that style and expand it under its own genre — maybe even branch out." Watch above.