See Philip Anselmo, Rob Zombie Goof Around on 'Headbangers Ball' in 1992 | Revolver

See Philip Anselmo, Rob Zombie Goof Around on 'Headbangers Ball' in 1992

Pantera and White Zombie frontmen cracked jokes, shared camaraderie

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In the summer of 1992, ascendant rock titans Pantera and White Zombie hit the road together, and mayhem ensued. "There was always some kind of insanity with them," Rob Zombie recalled to Revolver in 2012. "It's like they toured with the state of Texas. All their roadies were their friends and it was this weird bubble of craziness that they existed within at all times on and offstage."

"Both of us were blowing up at the same time and we had a lot of fun," Vinnie Paul told us. The two bands were indeed are fast upward trajectories: Pantera were out in support of February's Vulgar Display of Power, and White Zombie were repping May's La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One. So there was plenty of talk about when Rob and Philip Anselmo and swung by the studios of MTV's Headbangers Ball to discuss the joint trek, their group's respective new music videos and more, but most of all, to just goof around and crack jokes. Watch above for a lighthearted throwback.