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See "Pianocore" Act My Own Private Alaska's Epic "Your Shelter" Live Video

Polarizing French act returns with punky new song
my own private alaska 2020 PRESS, Jesse Overman
photograph by Jesse Overman

Ten years ago, a French act called My Own Private Alaska dropped their debut album, Amen, which was produced by Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot, Sepultura) and introduced the world to a startlingly unique style of heavy music they called "pianocore." The band had no guitars. They performed sitting down, harsh vocals delivered over piano and drums. They toured the globe, including playing support for Metallica, but eventually fell silent.

Then suddenly this spring, My Own Private Alaska announced their return with a re-release of Amen and a promise of new music. Today (December 15th), they've delivered on that promise, teaming with Revolver to unleash a new song, "Your Shelter," along with its epic live music video, filmed on the top of the mystical Mont-St-Michel-de-Brasparts in Britain. Watch and listen below.

"Your Shelter" will be released as a single through AWAL (U.K.) on January 8th and will appear on MOPA's upcoming 36-minute rarities EP, Let This Rope Cross All the Lands, which comprises of five studio cuts plus three live tracks. It will be available in two different color vinyl editions — pre-orders are up now at A new full-length album is scheduled for 2022.

"We're so excited to bring some new material to our fans!" MOPA singer Matthieu "Milka" Miegeville tells us. "It's been a while and we come back with a new lineup and a positive equilibrium. We are now four musicians. Still sitting. Still no guitars. A piano and a voice, as musical brothers. A synthbass player and a new drummer have appeared.

"A huge field of possibilities, a huge feeling of freedom, a huge sensation of being perfectly gathered together. You'll feel this energy in this new song 'Your Shelter,' with a will of proposing something further and coherent at the same time. It's still My Own Private Alaska and it's also a new My Own Private Alaska.

The spectrum is wider, our sound is deeper, more modern and more subtle. You'll discover it in the rarities EP about to be released next March 2021. It's a patchwork record with unreleased songs, B-side versions from our times with Ross Robinson in Los Angeles, and also new audio material we're really proud of, thanks to our new talented audio partners: Jan Kerscher (mix, Germany) and Magnus Lindberg (mastering, Cult of Luna, Sweden).

"We now wait like everybody to go back onstage and share some visceral emotions with the audience! Thank you so much, Revolver Mag, for bringing us light today. Hope to toast someday together in the U.S. with good French red wine ;-)"