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See Primus' Mind-Melting New Video for "Follow the Fool"

Les Claypool and Co. offer up bonkers visual for 'Conspiranoid' track

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Earlier this year, Primus returned with their first new material in five years, the dazzlingly progressive, still weird-as-hell three-song EP, Conspiranoid. The alt-metal pioneers (and current Revolver cover stars) helmed by Les Claypool are of course renowned for their oddball music videos as well, and today (August 5th), we're proud to be premiering the totally off-the-wall visual for Conspiranoid's dynamic middle-piece, "Follow the Fool."

The visual features grotesque, colorful animations of various "fools" joining arms to blindly march in support of their purported thought leaders, while the world around them crumbles into an apocalyptic mayhem. Spliced in between the cartoons is footage of Primus performing live and various TV hucksters selling their lies to the desperate masses. Watch above via YouTube. 

"'Fool that Follows the Fool' seems frighteningly poignant at this particular time in history," Claypool says. "Directed by my son Cage Claypool, the video took on a life of its own, as we see ranting lunatics spewing irrational perspectives onto the eager masses looking for answers and scapegoats for the shortcomings of their lives. 

"Cage paints the picture of these lost creatures blindly following their leader, like glossy-eyed lemmings, to their ultimate downfall.  I puff my chest like a proud papa as I watch my son develop into a truly insightful artist."

To coincide with the video release, Primus are also releasing a new, special vinyl edition of Conspiranoid that's now available for purchase via ATO Records.

Check out their upcoming tour dates below. Then, scroll down a little further to see Claypool talk to us about the surreal origins of Primus, from Metallica ties and acid trips to their unlikely MTV breakthrough. 

Primus 2022 tour dates: 
Friday, August 12 – Vail, CO – Gerald R. Ford Amphitheatre
Saturday, August 13 – Vail, CO – Gerald R. Ford Amphitheatre
Wednesday, November 2 – Santiago, Chile – Teatro Coliseo
Thursday, November 3 – Santiago, Chile – Teatro Coliseo