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See Rammstein's Explosive Video for First New Song in 8 Years "Deutschland"

German pyromaniacs hold nothing back in insane, cinematic new visual

After a tantalizing and controversial series of teaser videos and images, German industrial-metal agitators Rammstein have finally offered up a new song, "Deutschland" — their first in eight years — and its stunning, cinematic music video, directed by Specter Berlin. The main teaser clip for the video has already received criticism from government officials and Jewish leaders in the group's homeland, who have called it "irresponsible" and "tasteless" due to its depiction of band members wearing concentration camp prisoner uniforms, about to be hung at the gallows. Rammstein have yet to respond to the backlash.

"Deutschland" is the lead single (see its cover art below) off the group's forthcoming as-yet-untitled seventh album, which is due May 17th. The record — the follow-up to 2009's Liebe Ist Für Alle Da — was mixed in L.A. with Rich Costey (Deftones, Mastodon, Muse) and, according to guitarist Richard Kruspe, the sessions for the album were much more amiable than in the past for the notoriously cantankerous band.

"It was more about listening and thinking, 'OK, you know, you might have a point.' Or, 'Yeah, you have a point, but I don't agree with that because I see it a different way,'" he told Revolver late last year. "It was more grown-up and not so much, 'Fuck you!' 'No, fuck you!' Maybe we've gotten older. You can learn so much. Music is such a fragile thing So, yeah, there was arguing, there was fighting, but in a very civilized way."

Rammstein originally set out to make a more "live" sounding record, according to Kruspe; in the end, they produced music that is "more melodic" and portrays "different moods than we usually have." "We took a lot of time actually to arrange the songs and we experimented with a lot of harmony structures in the songs, which we haven't done in the past because before it was all just to capture Till's voice," the guitarist explained. "This time, I had the possibility to bring some melodies and some vocal lines in there. It just was a different process this time so it sounds to me not like any other Rammstein record."