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See Randy Blythe Go Apeshit During Gojira's Knotfest Set

Lamb of God frontman made hair-whipping vocal cameo during "Backbone"

Festivals are back in full swing, and both fans and artists alike are relishing the opportunity to embrace old friends at these long-awaited musical reunions. Gojira brought that energy to Knotfest Iowa over the weekend when they invited their old pal Randy Blythe out for a stomping guest appearance during "Backbone." 

The French heavy-metal titans and the Lamb of God frontman go back years. Blythe was a massive supporter of the band before they really broke out in the U.S., and he even co-wrote and sang on the track "Adoration for None" from Gojira's 2008 album, The Way of All Flesh.

However, as Metal Hammer points out, Blythe has routinely made "Backbone" from Gojira's 2005 epic, From Mars to Sirius, the song he comes out to when the band's in town. On just the second track of Gojira's Saturday September 25th set at Knotfest, Blythe came dashing on stage and went absolutely apeshit during the last minute minute of the song. 

He ran from side to side while screaming into the mic and whipping his iconic dreads whenever he had the chance. The man always puts on a great performance, but he seemed particularly amped up to be back on stage with Gojira for the first time since the pandemic. 

Check out footage of the clip above via YouTube.