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See Rob Halford Team With Bruce Dickinson at Wild 'Resurrection' Show in 2000

Priest and Maiden singers wail on Halford's "The One You Love to Hate"

Revolver has teamed with Rob Halford for an exclusive 2LP vinyl variant of the Judas Priest singer's 2000 solo album Resurrection on "cobalt and silver swirl" wax. Quantities are limited to 300 — get yours before they're gone!

Rob Halford is the Metal God, a trailblazing creative (and fashion) icon and one of the greatest metal singers of all time. His game-changing early work with Judas Priest — from 1974 debut Rocka Rolla to 1990's Painkiller — helped establish the sound and secure the stadium-sized legacy of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Halford's initial unfuckwithable run for Priest came to a screeching halt in 1992, when he left the outfit because of inter-band turmoil. (He wouldn't return to the fold until 2005's Angel of Retribution.) His post-Priest Nineties years saw him explore even heavier and more experimental territory with the Pantera-esque thrash/groove act Fight and his industrial-metal collaboration with John 5, 2wo (whose 1998 album Voyeurs was released on Trent Reznor's Nothing label).

As the millennium closed, it seemed that he had sewn his extreme-metal oats and was ready to return to his roots with his eponymous solo band Halford. The resulting album, 2000's aptly-titled Resurrection, was a tour de force that squashed any doubts about Halford's position at the top of the heavy-metal class, thanks to its mix of fist-pumping anthems (title track and "Made in Hell"), classic rippers ("Cyberworld," "Savior"), thrashing stompers ("Drive") and epic ballads ("Silent Screams"). Resurrection also contains one of the most exciting NWOBHM collabs ever with the pummeling "The One You Love to Hate," which showcases Halford joining forces with Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson (who, at the time, had just returned to fronting Maiden after his own a five-plus year hiatus).

On December 6th, 2000, Halford was playing a show in London in support of Resurrection, and treated the crowd to a special performance of "The One You Love to Hate," featuring Dickinson, with an added assist from Queensrÿche singer Geoff Tate. Watch that clash of the titans above.