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See Rob Zombie's Monstrous 2014 Cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman"

The Hellbilly himself ripped into "Black Album" opener in Myrtle Beach

Rob Zombie loves all types of music. The "Dragula" singer came up playing artsy noise-rock in the New York City underground before transforming White Zombie into a ghoulish industrial-metal band, and then carrying on a successful solo career in that realm for decades.

Over the years, he's been known to bang out various covers at his live shows, paying homage to everyone from Grand Funk Railroad and Alice Cooper to the Beatles and the Ramones. He also has a particular fondness for leaping into Metallica's "Black Album" hit "Enter Sandman," and at one 2014 performance at the Myrtle Beach House of Blues, his cover was captured on HD video.

After guitarist John 5 begins the opening riff upon Zombie's queue to "play something," the Hellbilly himself cuts him off and jokingly chastises his bandmate for playing a song that "no one's ever heard." However, when Zombie turns to the crowd and asks if they should play what's probably the most famous song in metal history, the room lights up with a resounding, "Hell yeah."

The band rip into a flawless rendition of its opening salvo, but it's Zombie's charismatic howls that really bring it to life and make it their own. He doesn't quite have James Hetfield's vocal range, but his gritty, Southern-influenced growl is a natural fit — and the whole room joins him in yelling along.

It's one of those magical metal moments that was luckily captured on high-quality video, and you can watch it go down above via YouTube.