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See Scott Ian's 8-Year-Old Son Play With Foo Fighters at Kentucky Festival

Anthrax guitarist calls onstage jam "proudest dad moment ever"

Many kids dream of someday growing up to become the rock stars they watch and idolize their whole lives, but when your dad is Scott Ian and he's buds with some of the biggest bands in the world, your dreams have a little better chance of becoming reality. Such proved to be the case for eight-year-old Revel Young Ian at Louisville, Kentucky's Bourbon & Beyond Festival on September 20th when the fledgling six-stringer was invited onstage by Dave Grohl and the gang to strum along to their classic 1997 hit "Everlong." 

"Because it's a special occasion," Grohl told the enormous crowd, "I'm gonna bring out somebody that's gonna play guitar with us on this one. Revel, will you please come out here? One of my favorite guitar players of all time." 

The crowd broke out in a small roar, and the elder Ian stepped out for a second to wave at the crowd as his son settled in, plugged in and joined the hard-rock vets for the final song of the set. Standing near the back of the stage, Revel strummed confidently and held his own among the pros. A particularly cute moment took place — you can watch it at the three-minute mark — when Grohl strode back toward Revel and the two faced each other and headbanged while getting down to the driving beat of the song. Watch the full video, shared by proud dad Scott on Instagram, above.