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See Selfish Things' New "Torn" Video Starring Underoath's Spencer Chamberlain

Retro visual tells sinister tale with unique twist

Canadian alt-rock band Selfish Things impressed plenty when they dropped their debut full-length, Logos, in September. The LP features a handful of notable guests — Crown the Empire's Andy Leo, ex-Yellowcard frontman William Ryan Key and Underoath singer Spencer Chamberlain — and the last of those three is back for the music video to the song on which he appears, album standout "Torn."

A beautiful nod to silent filmmaking, the clip juxtaposes black-and-white old-timey storytelling with modern performance footage that captures Chamberlain and Selfish Things vocalist Alex Biro singing the emotive song. The narrative focuses on a man bewitched by some sort of sorceress as the two are lost in a forest. Eventually she exits alone, seemingly having left the man's body behind once she's completed her ritual. 

The collaboration was a rare one for Chamberlain, but he felt compelled to work with the band when he heard the song. "I normally don't feature on records, but when I heard 'Torn' for the first time, it just blew me away," he tells Revolver. "I loved what these guys were up to, and Alex just had something about his voice that I loved."

Biro chimes in, "Working with Spencer was a dream come true for all of us. 'Torn' was one of our favorite songs on the album already, but having him lend his voice took it to an entirely different level. Visually, Miguel, the director, and I both love silent films/old cinema, which is why the video became what it is today." Watch above.