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See Serj Tankian Sing to His Son in Music Video for "Rumi"

Personal track from artist-activist's new solo EP 'Elasticity'

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Last month, System of a Down vocalist and current Revolver cover star Serj Tankian released a solo EP called Elasticity, which featured five songs that were initially written for his beloved alt-metal band. The activist-artist already released videos for "Electric Yerevan," Elasticity" and "Your Mom," and now he's shared a special visual for another song off the project titled "Rumi."

The track is a five-and-a-half-minute power ballad that's dedicated to its namesake: Tankian's six-year-old son, who shares the name of the legendary 13th century poet. It's as sentimental as you'd expect, and its Craig Ray-directed music video is, too — you can watch it above via YouTube. The singer isn't typically interested in explaining the meaning behind his lyrics, but he said that this incredibly direct and blatantly personal song is an exception.

"Lyrical specificity in music is generally discouraged because less people internalize them as they have less of a personal connection," Tankian remarked. "But there are cases where it is vital if the inspiration and muse is specific. In this case, a father talking to his son and reverence to the poet that inspired the son's name could not be re-written so one can generalize."