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See Show Me the Body Singer Shove Fan Offstage for Taking Selfie

New York hardcore singer gives phone fiend the violent treatment
Show Me the body stage selfie

If you've been to underground punk and metal shows recently, then you've probably noticed an influx of fans who think it's perfectly fine and normal to get onstage and start taking a selfie (or even worse, a full-on video) right next to the performer while they're in the middle of playing. As irksome and corny as it is to see from a crowdgoer's perspective, we can only imagine how distracting it is to be up their playing while some dingus is mere inches from your face trying to snap a pic as if you're the best of pals. 

At a recent show, the frontman of the New York hardcore experimentalists, Show Me the Body, gave one of those selfie-mongers the violent treatment. In a video posted to their Instagram with the caption "NO DISRESPECT," some fan steps onto the stage with his phone out and appears to be filming himself vibing up there during a quiet part of the song. Instead of letting him be the center of attention for any longer, singer Julian Cashwan Pratt grimaces irritably and gives the dude a hefty shove, sending him tumbling off the side of the stage and into a monitor that falls over. 

Regardless of how you feel about stage selfies, the vid is pretty damn entertaining. And it serves as a nice reminder to respect the artist's space and save the pic with your idol for after the show. Watch below.