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See SINE's Eerie New "Desolate District" Video Featuring Chris Connelly

Ministry and Pigface industrial OG joins alternative electronic act on sinister single

With names like Ministry, Revolting Cocks and Pigface on his resume, Scottish musician Chris Connelly is a bona fide industrial-music icon, and he lends his inimitable presence to the new song and video, "Desolate District," from SINE, the alternative electronic act led by Rona Rougeheart. Though written in December 2019, long before the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shutdown, "Desolate District eerily resonates with our current age of quarantine and unrest. The song's surreal accompanying video was produced and edited by Rougeheart earlier this year, using DIY footage of herself, Connelly and performer Sher Chew, filmed in Austin, Chicago and Singapore. Watch and listen above.

"I felt a really strong connection to SINE's music so it was an honour to be asked to collaborate," Connolly commented. "The music is compelling, intelligent and that always pushes me in a very inspired direction, as far as my words, vision, and voice goes. Can't wait to do another some time."

Rougeheart adds, "I met Chris Connelly about two years ago through my partner, Curse Mackey, who is his bandmate in Pigface. I never really got to talk to Chris much until November 2019 when Pigface played their last show of the tour at Thalia Hall in Chicago, Illinois. We were all backstage chatting and he commented to me that he liked my music. I was so happy he said that, to which I asked if he was ever into collaborating and he said, 'Yes!' At the time, I had just completed music for a SINE song along with Curse, but had no vocals on it, nor did it have a title. I decided to send it to Chris and let his creativity flow!"

Mackey, known for his solo work as well as his contributions to Evil Mothers, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and the aforementioned Pigface, co-produced "Desolate District." "I had a blast working on this one," he says. "Connelly and I have performed many times together in Pigface so I knew his contribution would be on point and Rona's demo of the song opened up a flood of ideas. I used the Roland MX-1 performance mixer to process rhythmic synth lines and beat effects to give the song a gritty, dark dance floor drive and Chase Dobson's final mix is both sinister and pristine."

Rougeheart and Mackey will be hosting a livestream with Connelly at 7 p.m. CST tonight, June 5th, on Facebook to talk about the new song and video and answer fan questions. You can tune in here.