See SLAYER icon KERRY KING reign again in debut solo music video "Residue" | Revolver

See SLAYER icon KERRY KING reign again in debut solo music video "Residue"

Backed by band of thrash all-stars

Can we get a hell yeah? Because Kerry King is back with another preview from his forthcoming From Hell I Rise solo album. Apparently forged from the fires of Hades, his "Residue" has just been unveiled through a flames-licked, pentagram-flying music video.

The song works a slow-simmer heaviness compared to the record's thrashy lead single, "Idle Hands," but "Residue" is nevertheless a raw and groove-scorched second step from the Slayer co-founder's eponymous project.

As for the music video, which you can watch up above, co-directors Jim Louvau and Tony Aguilera surely used every cent of their pyro budget. The clip finds King and his bandmates — vocalist Mark Osegueda, guitarist Phil Demmell, bassist Kyle Sanders, and drummer Paul Bostaph — lit up by numerous flash pots and a flaming pentagram hanging behind the drum kit.

"I come from a big fire pedigree, and my music works with fire," King commented, "I've always written horror-type music, so it made sense to incorporate fire into the first video where you get to see the entire band, which I think is just awesome. I think fire goes hand-in-hand with the devil, and I'm no stranger to talking about the devil."

The Slayer guitarist's assuredly sacrilegious From Hell I Rise is due out May 17th. Pick up Revolver's new Spring 2024 Issue featuring King on the cover at our shop.