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See Slipknot, Exodus Members Cover Metallica Classic "Blackened"

Plus, see Mastodon, Cave In singers take on Melvins "Hooch" at 'Buddies on the Beat' charity event

More footage has hit the internet of the recent Buddies on the Beat fundraising event, hosted by the organization's leader Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg. The first video released of the October 16th show featured Weinberg and a couple of his friends from Cave In and Dillinger Escape Plan taking on the Beatles' "Helter Skelter," and now fans can witness the drummer and Exodus guitarist Jack Gibson rocking out to Metallica's epic "Blackened." Nico Santora of Lillake and Nashville-based metal musician Dakota Denman joined them for the performance. 

Featuring impressive guitar solos and an even more grizzled vocal delivery than James Hetfield's growls on the original, the enthusiastic cover was shot from multiple camera angles in the intimate club setting, bringing to mind early Metallica performances in similar settings before they became the biggest metal band in the world. Watch below for another performance from the evening with Mastodon's Troy Sanders and Cave In/Mutoid Man singer-guitarist Stephen Brodsky doing their best Melvins impression with "Hooch."