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See Slipknot Fan Run Onstage to Play Clown's Drums

Mischievous maggot dodged security to do an impromptu duet with percussionist

Slipknot had a 10th man onstage at a recent show. While the band was performing a date of their current Knotfest tour, a mischievous fan darted onstage and managed to dodge numerous security guards as he made his way up the stairs and onto percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan's risen platform, where he banged on the drums a few times before being dragged away by a team of guards. 

It's a blessing from the lord below that we have high-quality video of this entire incident, which looks like something out of a Scooby Doo chase scene. The band can be seen ripping through "Psychosocial" when all the sudden a determined maggot darts onto stage left, skipping joyfully while a security guard chases shortly behind. The fan quickly scales the steps behind vocalist Corey Taylor and successfully hooks right to the second flight while the bouncer lunges to grab him but ultimately trips and falls like a cartoon henchman being foiled. 

Amazingly, the fan manages to run all the way across the platform and zip up next to Clown, who continues dutifully banging away at his drums while the fan smacks them wildly with his hands. He gets a few good thwacks in before security eventually catches up and aggressively drags him off the platform. He probably got a nasty boot from the venue, but the dude did a stellar job at getting as far as he did. 

Watch it go down above via YouTube.