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See Slipknot's Eerie Third Teaser Video Ahead of "0516" Mystery Event

"You've Killed the Saint in Me" compiles clips from videos past, plus creepy choir
Slipknot, "You've Killed The Saint In Me" teaser image, 2019

Yet another creepy twist in the ongoing Slipknot countdown has emerged, and this time it's another 59-second clip, titled "You've Killed the Saint in Me," that traverses the Iowa metal outfit's music video history in a series of quick cuts. It appears that this week's three minute-long segments have teased, in order: Slipknot's mask reveal, their new album and an impending music video, each seemingly constructed from bits of older material with spliced-in glimpses at what's to come. The latest teaser is set to the haunting echoes of a distant choir, backed with heavy, sinister reverb that delicately punctuates the mysterious Kubrickian imagery throughout.

With just one day left until their big "0516" reveal, Slipknot have skillfully crafted an air of mystery around their next album due out August 9th. See below for the full new clip, and check out a select few individual stills that appear amid the chaotic and eerie clip. Check in tomorrow (May 16th) to see what the big rollout has all been leading to, and don't forget to tune in when the band's Jimmy Kimmel Live! performance airs this Friday at 11:35 p.m. EST.