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See Spiritbox Crush "Holy Roller" With Lorna Shore's Will Ramos

Deathcore vocalist joins Canadian crew onstage for raging duet

Less than a year ago, Lorna Shore's animalistic frontman Will Ramos posted a studio cover of Spiritbox's crushing djent-core banger, "Holy Roller," on YouTube. Two days ago, the deathcore vocalist joined the Canadian metal crew onstage to duet the song with Courtney LaPlante herself. That's some real zero to 100 shit. 

Ramos, who became a viral metal star last year after his first song with Lorna Shore — who he officially joined a few months earlier — quickly became the most talked-about deathcore track of 2021, mostly due to Ramos' jaw-dropping vocal freakout during its final breakdown. During Spiritbox's show on March 20th, Ramos wasn't snorting like a tortured pig onstage, but he did bring his fucking A-game to Spiritbox's heaviest track, trading vocals with LaPlante and commanding the stage with electrifying energy. 

Check out fan-recorded footage of the special moment above and below via YouTube.