See Spiritbox Evoke 'Midsommar' in Video for Crushing New Song "Holy Roller" | Revolver

See Spiritbox Evoke 'Midsommar' in Video for Crushing New Song "Holy Roller"

Former Iwrestledabearonce singer Courtney LaPlante and Co. "try new things and experiment"

Vancouver Island, Canada-based progressive metal group Spiritbox have been steadily gaining a cult following since their 2017 inception. Led by former Iwrestledabearonce vocalist Courtney LaPlante and her husband, guitarist Mike Stringer, the duo made their debut with a self-released EP in October of that year. Now a trio, with the addition of bassist Bill Crook, Spiritbox have teamed up with Revolver today (July 3rd) to premiere the insanely catchy and totally crushing new single "Holy Roller." Check it out above along with its very Midsommar-esque music video — and see below for some striking behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot.

"This song was never intended to be a single," LaPlante reveals. "We wrote it in January to be an 'angry' pallet cleanser on an otherwise dark, moody atmospheric album. Our mission statement was: 'Let's make the most ridiculous song that we can.' When we had the opportunity to tour Europe in March, we decided to put the unfinished song in our set, since we enjoyed it so much. Until our tour was cut short due to the pandemic, it was the highlight of each night."

As far as the eerie clip, the band says, "Making a DIY music video is always a challenge, but creating one during a pandemic presented even more obstacles. We live on an island that was virtually shut down, and this forced us to be extra creative and resourceful. We borrowed a camera, made our own props, and Bill's wife, Ashley, happens to be a professional makeup artist so she created Courtney's looks for the video.

"We shot it over the course of two days, and aside from Courtney's outfits getting lost in the mail, things went smoothly and we had a great time getting together to do this. It was our first time together since we flew home from our canceled tour!

"Even though things feel so bleak right now, we think a lot of musicians are taking charge of their own music and visuals, and not letting this pandemic get in the way of them expressing their creativity. This is the perfect time to try new things and experiment."

Spiritbox are working on their debut LP, which is expected in 2021.