See STELLA ROSE's surreal video for searing new song "Faithful" | Revolver

See STELLA ROSE's surreal video for searing new song "Faithful"

Daughter of Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan announces debut album 'Eyes of Glass'

Stella Rose is a NYC-based singer, songwriter and poet who also happens to be the daughter of Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan. Last year, Rose dropped her first-ever song, "Muddled Man," and today (March 29th), we're stoked to be premiering another one called "Faithful." The dark, clattering, noisy but still quite catchy single is the latest preview from her debut album, Eyes of Glass, which is due out later this year via KRO records. 

"Listening to music has always been more than sound to me," Rose said of her thought process behind the song "Faithful" and its striking music video, which was directed by Ben Howley. "I think it is for most people, or it at least becomes that way after watching a film or music video. In a way, it can corrupt what you may have imagined before, making it hard to not visualize the footage that was given to you by the artist making it.

"I listen to music to go deeper into feelings that I am not always sure of or know how to deal with. There are moments when things happening in real time in front of you that become the most perfect scene for what you are listening to. Those moments then play like a tape in your mind every time you hear its paired sound. Memory is the visual medium."

Watch and listen to "Faithful" above via YouTube. Rose and her band The Dead Language will open for Depeche Mode at New York's Madison Square Garden on April 14th.