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See Stone Temple Pilots' Wild "Sex Type Thing" TV Performance From 1993

Scott Weiland wore a dress and lipstick during grunge band's set on 'The Word'

On March 12th, 1993, Stone Temple Pilots made their utterly insane debut on the British TV show, The Word. Just two months after they released "Sex Type Thing" as the first standalone single from their 1992 album, Core, the San Diego grunge progenitors showed the whole world how wild they were by playing the song in an eye-catching fashion.

Donning a light-colored dress, smeared lipstick, dangly earrings, Cobain-esque sunglasses and a tiara, the band's late, great frontman Scott Weiland kicked off the set with a message to any bigots who were out there listening. "To all those people out there in TV land, who are sexist, racist and homophobic morons, turn off your TV and put in a Rambo video," he quipped.

From there, he and his bandmates launched into "Sex Type Thing," which was a controversial song of theirs for its confrontational approach to calling out sexual assault. It may not be quite as shocking in today's climate, but back in 1993, seeing Weiland standing up there in traditionally feminine clothing, flipping the bird to anyone who disagrees with his progressive social politics and then playing a song about horrendous male abusers must have been pretty fucking powerful.

In fact, the messages still feel relevant today, and the band's raucous stage energy — not to mention the psychedelic lighting in the room that was clearly designed to cater to then-current psych-pop acts like Primal Scream and the Stone Roses — is engrossing. Watch it above via YouTube.