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See Tenacious D's Hilarious Video for Epic Medley of Who Songs

Jack Black and Kyle Gass covered "Pinball Wizard," "There's a Doctor" and more for charity

Tenacious D are huge fans of the Who. This is obvious to anyone who's heard a note of their hard-rockin' music, and Jack Black has never been shy that bands like them and Led Zeppelin are among his primary influences while writing D songs. Now, the duo of Black and co-singer-songwriter Kyle Gass have shared an epic medley of Who songs that they're releasing not only because it was fun as hell to make, but in order to raise funds to support a charity aimed at curbing gun violence. 

The medley features D-ified versions of three Who classics — "Pinball Wizard," "There's A Doctor," and "Go To The Mirror!" — along with a video helmed by Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny director Liam Lynch. It's amazing, and you can watch and listen above via YouTube. 

"Who better to deliver a tribute to the greatest rock opera of all times? Who? The D! That's Who!," the band said in a statement. "We've been working on this medley for 20 years. It's finally ready to be unleashed. Crank it. It's a humdinger. Enjoy."

Additionally, the medley is being pressed on 7-inch vinyl with all of the proceeds going toward Everytown for Gun Safety. Pre-orders are available here.