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See Tool Play Freaky Early Version of "Pushit" in 1994

Two years before the 'Ænima' standout was officially released

Tool are still putting on some of the wildest shows in metal, but back in the early Nineties, they were a positively insane spectacle of unpredictable stage antics and primal energy. On November 14th, 1994, they played a show in Santa Cruz, California, during which they performed a very early version of the song "Pushit" from their 1996 masterpiece, Ænima

Naturally, frontman Maynard James Keenan was shirtless and writhing around the stage — at one point picking up what appears to be a raw chicken thigh that someone chucked near his feet. Despite all the classic Maynard weirdness, his vocals are spot fucking on during this set, and the rest of the band has a fun time working through this eight-and-a-half-minute rough draft of the ten-minute Ænima highlight. Watch the footage above via YouTube. 

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