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See TOOL Play Thunderous Cover of Ramones' "Commando" in 2002

Alt-metal titans "do their best, do what they can" with punk classic

TOOL don't cover other people's songs very often, but when they do, they do it right. For instance, they've done a rendition of Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter" since their earliest days as a band, and they threw audiences for a loop by opening their set with it during a run of dates in early 2016. They've also put their own spin on tracks by King Crimson, Kyuss and even Ted Nugent, and back in 2002, they had a spell of busting into Ramones' "Commando." 

The track from the pop-punk pioneers' 1977 album, Leave Home, is pretty straightforward Ramones fair, and the first time Tool played it on August 13th, 2002, at New York City's Radio Music Hall, Maynard and Co. gave it a thunderous makeover. They didn't change the whole structure up or mess with the tempo too much, but drummer Danny Carey was pounding away from behind his kit while the others chugged away in their respective corners of the stage. It's a bangin' cover, and you can watch it go down above.