See TOOL's Danny Carey play "The Pot" with kid band in 2017 | Revolver

See TOOL's Danny Carey play "The Pot" with kid band in 2017

Burbank Music Academy students got to jam with a legend

In 2017, a kid band called Reformed, made up of students from the Burbank Music Academy in California, had the thrill of a lifetime. The group played TOOL's 10,000 Days standout and Justin Bieber favorite "The Pot" — with none other than the drum master himself, Danny Carey.

Playing behind what must be the smallest kit he's drummed in many years, Carey was clearly having a great time, a shit-eating grin plastered across his face almost the whole time. As for the kids, if they were intimidated, they didn't show it, admirably navigating the complex prog-metal number.

Reformed featured vocalist Grace Goyanes, guitarist Jacob Wilder, bassist Kt Ruth Harms and drummer Micheal Wisz, who politely gave up his seat to Carey. "[Danny] could not have been nicer or more supportive of the kids," Harms' mother Aubrey wrote in the caption to the video below. She also described the performance as "a 'proud parent' moment." Indeed.