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See Trap Artist Rico Nasty Unleash Inner Metalhead in New "Rage" Video

Maryland rapper channels industrial metal, noise rock on searing new banger

Maryland rapper Rico Nasty is more or less the musical equivalent of a Sour Patch Kid, prone to swapping charming, dance-friendly trap hooks (2016's aptly-titled breakthrough mixtape Sugar Trap) for caustic, screamed threats (last January's scathing "Smack a Bitch"). Thanks to viral hits like "iCarly" and "Hey Arnold," the 20-year-old MC — née Maria Kelly — has amassed plenty of street creed; her metalhead roots, on the other-hand, have generally been left out of the discussion, save a few asides in the press (Kelly name-dropped Slipknot as an early musical love in an interview with The Fader earlier this year).

That's all set to change with the harsh new track "Rage." A lo-fi banger driven by chugging nu-metal guitars and Kelly's throat-shredding screams, it's easily one of the hardest-hitting rap songs in recent memory, reminiscent of industrial-rap crews like Ho99o9 and Death Grips, as well as noise-punks Show Me the Body. Its accompanying music video proves just as badass, featuring cvlt imagery like flames, bats and chains, not to mention Kelly's black metal–inspired fashion choices. "I like bad bitches who be raging," she declares on the chorus — and rage she does.