See Trap-Metal Artist Zheani Rage in New "Skin Walker" Video | Revolver

See Trap-Metal Artist Zheani Rage in New "Skin Walker" Video

Aussie rapper's latest King Yosef-produced single gets wild visual

Fresh off this spring's The Zheani Sparkes EP — featuring the hard-hitting standout "DIRTBIKE" — Aussie "fairy trap" artist Zheani is back with an all-new single, "Skin Walker." She dropped the cut on Friday (November 6th) via digital streaming platforms, and today she's teamed with Revolver to premiere its manic and captivating music video. Like "DIRTBIKE," "Skin Walker" was produced by metal-loving U.S. beatmaker King Yosef and reflects the gnarlier side of Zheani's sound. As for the visual, it captures her throwing down in an array of wild settings and states of dress and undress. Watch and listen above, and check out the single art below.

"'Skin Walker' began as a feeling of frustration that metastasized into a song," Zheani tells us. "In my life, I've encountered far too many creatures getting ahead by carefully imitating. Character is forged in the crucible of pain, but that very pain often leaves people too fucked-up, traumatized and embittered to succeed. A Skin Walker will flay you and wear your character as a cloak. The Song 'Skin Walker' is meant as a mantra calling you to burn brighter than imitations.

"In the song, I used the term 'Skin Walker' as an insult as it was once used in the dark depths of olde tumblr. After completing the song, I googled the phrase only to discover that it refers in Navajo culture, to a harmful witch that imitates and disguises herself as others ...

"'Never a healer.'

"Synchronicity of the highest order."

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