See Ukrainian Folk Duo's Stunning Covers of Rammstein's "Deutschland," "Du Hast" | Revolver

See Ukrainian Folk Duo's Stunning Covers of Rammstein's "Deutschland," "Du Hast"

German industrial band's hits get inspired reworking on accordion and bandura

The year of the Ramm continues to thrive, this time with an interesting take on the German stalwarts' songs "Deutschland," "Du Hast," "Mein Herz Brennt," and "Sonne" as performed by Ukrainian musicians the B&B Project who aim to popularize the country's forgotten folk instruments. 

With a surprisingly gripping intro on button accordion and the rarely played bandura, the duo of Sergii Shamrai and Tetiana Mazur are seen in black-tie clothing amid an abandoned castle-like building while delivering perfectly worked arrangements of the tracks while moving about different unique urban settings. Stylistic camera work makes for some creative shots as the medley shifts from track to track, highlighting each song's delicate and beautiful structure that lies beneath Rammstein's usual heaviness as well as showcasing the lovely sound of these traditional folk instruments.

The impressive fingerwork shown by the musicians comes from their professional education via the Music School, the College of Music and the National Music Academy of Ukraine by P.I.Tchaikovsky. A short bio claims B&B project "is one of the most of famous instrumental groups in Ukraine." The quartet, rounded out by drummer Kostyantyn Marko and bassist Denys Stefanko, play a variety of genres including original songs, covers, rock and metal, classical, dubstep, and a mix of Ukranian music. Playlists of their other efforts can be found in various places, including Amazon and Google Play. Find them on Facebook for more info.