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See Underoath Singers Bound and Stabbed in Creepy New "Bloodlust" Video

A sinister follow-up to reunited metalcore band's "ihateit" clip

Following up the angels and blood rituals of their "ihateit" video released this past fall, Underoath are back with an eerie sequel in which singer Spencer Chamberlain and drummer-vocalist Aaron Gillespie are tied to a pole with a young woman as menacing strangers approach wielding weapons. 

"Making this video was a really interesting process, because the song deals with a lot of deep issues and struggles," says Gillespie, who was tied to the pole with Chamberlain and an actress for three hours during the filming. "But it was so late when we were filming that we were just hysterical. The video seems so serious due to the lyrical content, but it was a night." Vintage-looking horror-movie effects and a stark black-and-white aesthetic give the short a looming, uncanny feel, and the mysterious hooded characters threatening to harm the leads have their intimidating presence enhanced by flashing skull images superimposed over the masked void where their faces should be. 

"Bloodlust" is taken from Underoath's most recent album and their first in eight years, Erase Me, which hit No. 1 on Billboard's Top Hard Rock Albums chart and earned the rockers a Grammy nomination in the Best Metal Performance category for "On My Teeth." Up next they'll hit the road alongside Breaking Benjamin, Skillet and Fight the Fury before heading out with Alice in Chains and Korn in July and August. Find a full list of dates on the band's website.

Below, see Underoath's Spencer Chamberlain explain why the band gave up Christianity: