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See Unmasked Tobias Forge Discuss Evolution of Ghost, Cardinal Copia Character

"He's a little bit Dracula, a little bit Jacques Clouseau"

In a Q&A livestreamed by iHeartRadio 4 p.m. today (December 3rd), Tobias Forge sat down to discuss his position as band leader of Swedish occult-rock outfit Ghost. Donning a dapper swashbuckler-like getup, the musician fielded questions about the direction that the band will take as the group's Papa Emeritus/Cardinal Copia frontmen and coordinating storyline develops. 

"I know basically what we're doing practically until the end of the cycle, what we're hoping to achieve," he said. "I know what the next album will be sort of like. I don't have the record here, I can't play it to you, but I have one album inside that I want to create. And then I have [a] quite solid idea of what I want to do for that live show in the future. But longer than that, you know, who knows?" 

When asked if he is fulfilled by meeting fan expectations, Forge responded, "Absolutely. Especially on tour— that's when you really can physically see the support. That's when you know ... that's a fantastic thing that I, despite the fact that I would definitely want to ... In an alternative life, I would have loved to work in film — I love film. I grew up watching a lot of film. I think very cinematically. But the one thing that I would miss ... from creating something together and those magical moments are definitely plenty of them on tour."

After giving his preference for larger venues when asked if he prefers them to smaller rooms, Forge ended the interview by saying, "First we took Manhattan, then we took Berlin." Watch the full stream above.