See Venom Prison Play Intimate In-Studio Set, Talk Videos and Art | Revolver

See Venom Prison Play Intimate In-Studio Set, Talk Videos and Art

Politically charged U.K. death-metal outfit shine in Audiotree Live session

U.K. death-metal brutalizers and Revolver favorites Venom Prison blistered ear drums everywhere when they dropped their scathing full-length Samsara earlier this year, and now in a more intimate in-studio setting, they've brought several of those incendiary tracks — and one from earlier LP Animus — to life for a stunning Audiotree Live performance. 

Showing measured restraint as they burst into the furious "Matriphagy" in the hazy purple light of the studio, the band remain relatively still in order to deliver a perfect version of the squealing, savage track. The songs keep rolling on in increasing heaviness, with a break coming at the 9:55 mark for a brief Q&A with the band that discusses making their gorgeous, often elaborate videos. 

After a few more songs, another break for questions comes around 22:30 with the band pausing to explain their album art and how it relates to the music they're creating. A quick minute later, they smash right back into it with "Perpetrator Emasculation" and run through the end of the set, finishing on an emotional note with a wall of sound punctuated by sampled spoken parts that touch on rape and revenge. Watch above.

Venom Prison Audiotree set list: 
1. Matriphagy
 2. Uterine Industrialisation
3. Deva's Enemy
4. Asura's Realm
5. Self Inflicted Violence
6. Perpetrator Emasculation
7. Dukkha
8. Implementing The Metaphysics Of Morals